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PCKeeper is a reliable software that will protect your computer from both online and offline threats. The product is fully integrated with Windows operating systems, and close cooperation with Microsoft allows PCKeeper to provide a top-quality protection of Windows computers. All you have to do is install the application on your computer and you can stop worrying about your safety online and forget about your OS problems!

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You're not safe online

One of the biggest problems for computer users these days is proper protection from cyberattacks. The problem is very widespread – just see the number of cyberattacks last month:

Country USA
878 002 LOADED
Country Germany
421 791 LOADED
Country France
154 665 LOADED
Country Japan
70 363 LOADED
Check the lastest statistics: www.sicherheitstacho.eu

How does PCKeeper work?

PCKeeper is the most advanced computer protection software. The program allows a quick system scan followed by sending the results to a technical professional who then prepares a list of necessary corrections and precautions, made just for your computer!


PCKeeper Live

PCKeeper, solving OS problems in real time. Advanced technology allows certified technical professionals to run audits and implement necessary corrections.

  • Deals with dangerous OS problems
  • Rids the computer of unwanted files
  • Spyware and malware removal
  • 24/7 technical support

PCKeeper Antivirus

Provides protection of the computer from online threats. Thanks to regular, automatic updates you don't have to worry about your safety online.

  • Protection of the computer in real time
  • Automatic updates
  • Fully integrated with Windows 7/8/10
  • 24/7 professional help
PC Keeper

What will you gain by choosing PCKeeper?

You'll get rid of suspicious software

Many users are not aware that their computers contain unwittingly downloaded dangerous software.


Proper firewall configuration

Malicious applications can change the system firewall settings and make your computer prone to cyberattacks.


Privacy protection

Some websites follow your activity by storing cookies. PCKeeper removes unwanted files and protects your privacy.


You'll get rid of unwanted files and make your computer work faster

Every computer contains unwanted files that take space and lower the computer's efficiency.


Solving system problems

Over time, the system registry gets filled with dozens of errors that slow down your computer. PCKeeper successfully cleans the system registry and removes errors.


Top level security

Automatic updates will keep you protected even from the latest versions of viruses and other malicious software


Reviews for PCKeeper

PC KeeperJanusz

I love browsing the Internet, but I just couldn't get rid of viruses and trojans attacking my computer. I've tried many different antivirus programs, but the protection they provided was never fully effective. I've had lots of programs downloaded on my computer without my permission! I tried PCKeeper and for the past few months I've had no trouble with malicious software. With PCKeeper I can finally feel safe online!

PC KeeperNatalia

I'm not a technician type of person and I'm bad with advanced computer use. After using it for a while, my computer started getting really slow. I was afraid that I would have to buy a new computer, but PCKeeper came to help. It turned out it was caused by a huge amount of unwanted files, malicious software and bad registry keys. With help from professionals, all was fixed fast and effectively, and now my computer is as good as new!

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